With PhoneDashCam free app you can:

Use your iPhone or Android phone as a dashcam

Save only the important: one touch to record the last minute on the road

Store your dashcam videos for free in the cloud

Use a dashcam in everyday traffic, road trips, or during work

Also run in the background while using other apps (on Android)

Have a convenient wireless dashcam with "easy to share" video feature and 4K video capability

Phone Dash Cam app makes your traffic video sharing easy

Drive, record, and share your dashcam videos with ease!

Share your dashcam footage with just a tap of a button! Our PhoneDashCam app has a great widgets that make sharing videos with friends via Bluetooth and social media so easy.

Beautiful and clear maps for a safer drive!

You see all your dashcam videos on a beautiful map - helps you learn where it's risky and were you need to drive more carefully

See all your dashcam videos on map.

Abundant cloud storage for your dashcam footage

With the Phone Dash Cam app, you can use your phone as a 4K dashcam. Even more - that high-quality dashcam footage does not take any space on your phone.

Your Phone does not need an extra memory card to save all those important dashcam videos

Record dashcam videos while using other apps

You can use your dashcam app and record also while you using navigation apps and listening to music or podcasts.

You can record videos with the PhoneDashCam App also while using other apps like navigation apps or when listening to music

Your new dashcam is already in your pocket!

How does it work? It's easy

1. Get a phone holder for your car

2. Download the Phone Dash Cam app for iPhone or Android for free

3. Start the app and You're ready to start driving and recording videos from traffic.


Try it out now!

Get a peek into the future of dashcams, record videos, and share them with ease!

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